Our Drive Features:

Our multiple features allow for easy document management.


  1. (SIMPLE AND ADVANCE INBOX) Document Classifier integrated with Scanner and Fax 

Our software’s inbox feature provides a central location where you can easily receive, organize, and track all your incoming documents. No more scattered emails or misplaced files – everything is conveniently stored in one place, making it easy to find and manage your documents efficiently.   

Say goodbye to manual sorting and tagging

Our intelligent system does the heavy lifting for you, making document retrieval a breeze. For the INBOX and document classifier, you could sort and categorize incoming documents based on their content and assign appropriately. 

Our software is seamlessly integrated with scanners and fax machines, allowing you to easily capture and upload physical documents into the system. You can easily scan, fax, or upload documents directly to the software, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. You can also easily retrieve and manage these documents alongside your digital files, providing a unified and streamlined document management experience. 


Our software is a centralized company drive where you can securely store and share documents with your team or external partners. You can set access permissions, track changes, and collaborate in real-time, ensuring that everyone is working with the latest version of documents.

Say goodbye to version control issues and email attachments

Our centralized company drive simplifies document sharing and collaboration, making teamwork more efficient and effective. 


Our software’s archiving feature enables healthcare providers to securely store and archive documents for compliance and retention purposes.

You can easily:

    • · Setup retention policies
    • · Manage document versions
    • · Automatically archive documents based on their lifecycle

Our software ensures that all archived documents are stored securely and can be easily retrieved whenever needed, helping healthcare providers meet regulatory requirements and maintain proper documentation for audits and legal purposes. 

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