Employee Engagement

Invest in Your Workforce with Our Employee Engagement Module! At NuRenal, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations optimize their employee engagement and workforce management processes.

Our software provides you with a user-friendly interface to create schedules and track employee availability. 


Efficiently managing employee onboarding and offboarding processes is crucial in the fast-paced healthcare industry. Our software streamlines these processes, making them seamless and stress-free. With our onboarding module, new hires can complete required forms, sign documents, and complete training modules online, reducing paperwork and eliminating manual errors.

  • Streamlined hiring process with applicant tracking system: from recruitment and interviews, to offer-letters and hiring.
  • Built-in electronic signatures make onboarding new employees easier for everyone and reduces signed document turnaround times by as much as 90%.

Improve your operations significantly with NuRenal.

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