Inventory software is an essential tool for clinics of all sizes, allowing them to manage their inventory efficiently and effectively.

With the right inventory software in place, your clinic can streamline their operations, reduce errors and improve their overall finances. 

Inventory Tracking

Our Inventory module allows businesses to track their inventory levels accurately, including the quantity of items on hand, on order, and in transit. With real-time visibility into inventory levels, clinics can make informed decisions about ordering, stocking, and transferring products.

Purchase Order Management 

Inventory software allows clinics to manage their purchase orders effectively. Clinics can create and track purchase orders, receive shipments, and manage supplier information in one centralized location.

Multi-location Support 

For clinics with multiple storage locations
or warehouses, inventor software provides
multi-location support.

Customized Inventory Categories 

NuRenal inventory module allows for customized inventory categories, so clinics can easily organize and track their medical supplies.

Automated Ordering

Our inventory tool for healthcare clinics includes automated ordering features. With automated ordering, clinics can set minimum inventory levels for each item and see when inventory levels fall below those thresholds.

Master Inventory Settings

This feature allows you to add products, vendors, package types, and categories in one place, making it easier to monitor, store and assigned properly and more efficiently.

Reporting and Analytics

NuRenal inventory tool provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Clinics are able to generate reports on inventory levels, usage trends, and cost analysis.

Say goodbye to hustles found in traditional Inventory Management.

Improve your operations significantly with NuRenal.

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